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Assalamualekum wa rahmatullah wa barkathuh

'I' the founder of this small maktab name as "Faize Abdullah", Hafiz Ismail Maner turned Hafiz of Quraan at "Jamia Qasmia Arbia", Kharod, Dist:Bharuj, Gujrat in 1992. Welcome to Faize Abdullah Education.

It was my Ustad/Teacher Hafiz Ibrahim Abdullah Patel Qapodrari Damat barkathuh, a very Pious person helped me along the way become a hafiz e Quraan..

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  • Vision

    To Start with play school till hifz and Alim Courses for Children, Further we are also planning to teach muslim woman technical courses.

  • Mission

    To teach children, men, woman young or elder the deen of Allah(SWT), As much deen that will save his or her Imaan and Akhirah in this time of Fitna.

  • Branch Office

    1) Timber Area, Mendhe Plot, Maatabe Fiaz-E-Abdullah Miraj.
    2) Maisal Road, Mominpura, Jameea Talimuddin Miraj.

  Name - Faiz Abdulla Education & Social Welfare Association, Miraj    
  "We Can Accept Donation By Cheque Please Visit Our Branch
Or You Can Call On +919876543210 OR +919812345670"