Assalamualekum wa rahmatullah wa barkathuh

'I' the founder of this small maktab name as "Faize Abdullah", Hafiz Ismail Maner turned Hafiz of Quraan at "Jamia Qasmia Arbia", Kharod, Dist.: Bharuj, Gujrat in 1992. Welcome to Faize Abdullah Education.

It was my Ustad/Teacher Hafiz Ibrahim Abdullah Patel Qapodrari Damat Barkathuh, a very Pious person helped me along the way become a Hafiz e Quraan. Later on my road to Ilm stopped at Arabi Awwal (Primary) due to undefined conditions at home, till then my teacher also migrated to london, as if I had lost a father but Alhamdullilah with the grace of Allah being very far my teacher grace and affection remained with me. A few year later he wrote a letter to me, inspiring me to dedicate my life for learning and teaching of quraan.
This Latter Ispired me...!

So, after being working relentlessly at many different Makatibs around our area, (I finally settled down to start my own maktab "Faize-Abdullah" at this very place in 2012).

Alhamdullilah with the grace of Allah (SWT) 25 student have become Hafiz and many makatibs bloomed.

Now after my teacher Hafiz Ibrahim Db.s' order I have finally settled down to start small maktab at mende plot Miraj, many ulema-e-kiram visited the maktab and prayed for us. due to which the blessing and khair-o-barqat of Allah showered upon us over 100 Student from all over the city of Miraj have took admission and quending their Ilmi thirst.

"Mai Akela hi Chala tha Janibe Manzil Magar humsafar milte rahe qarwa banta gaya".

"I was travelling alone towards my destination but, traveller joined me to become a big karvan".


1. To educate and facilitate Muslim boys and girls with proper worldly and Islamic education.

2. To give proper guidance for school, college, higher education, technical education, professional education.

3. To try and educate people about Islam and its basic fundamentals.

4. To make available land, building etc for religious, traditional, and educational purpose.

5. To make available with the biographical books of hazarat Mohammad(SAWS) and his companions for the needy.

6. To try to create unity and peace and brotherhood between different community.

7. To educate and guide muslim with different scholarship, Jobs, reservation and make available proper educational requirements.

8. To make available all the technical requirements such as tailoring, computer operating etc. for Muslim woman, Boys and girls.

9. To start a readers point for News paper, Magazine and school books.

10. Through "Earn and Learn" we want to start different technical ,professional and small scale industrial educational courses to the poor Muslim.

11. To Celebrate National and traditional festivals eg.15 Aug, 26 Jan etc. and to create awareness of these occasions among the students, and also aware than the importance of peace, unity secularism and Love towards people and our country.

  Name - Faiz Abdulla Education & Social Welfare Association, Miraj    
  Bank Name - Bank Of Baroda    
  Account No. - 04400100020353    
  Branch - Miraj High School Road Miraj    
  Trust Reg. No. - F14997